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Congratulations to the 2018 Seaborg Symposium Poster Session Winners!
On Saturday, November 10, 2018, a poster session was held as part of the 2018 Seaborg Symposium. Six winners were chosen - two postdoctoral scholars, three graduate students, and one undergraduate student. The winners were announced at the evening banquet and awards ceremony by the faculty member poster session judges.
Poster session winners
(From left) Dr. Julia Stauber, Professor Chong Liu, Dr. Yaqiang Wang, David Reilley, Anish Nag, Jeannette Bowler, Omar Ebrahim, Professors Justin Caram, Agape Awad, and Joseph Loo.
Poster Session Winners
(click on photos for larger version)
  Omar Ebrahim   Bowler, Jeannette  
  Omar Ebrahim
Undergraduate Student - Alexander Spokoyny Group
  Jeannette Bowler
Graduate Student - David Eisenberg Group
  Nag, Anish   David Reilley  

Anish Nag
Graduate Student - Catherine Clarke Group

  David Reilley
Graduate Student - Anastassia Alexandrova Group
  Julia Stauber   Yaqiang Wang  

Dr. Julia Stauber
Postdoctoral Fellow - Alexander Spokoyny Group

  Dr. Yaqiang Wang
Postdoctoral Fellow - Juli Feigon Group
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